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Woldpack Tackle

Wolfpack Tackle - 2oz Jet Head with Premium Nylon Hair

Wolfpack Tackle - 2oz Jet Head with Premium Nylon Hair

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Wolfpack Tackle 2oz Jet Head with Premium Nylon Hair

A premium Lure for chasing Mahi (Dorado), Tuna, Billfish, Wahoo, and More!

Introducing the Wolfpack Tackle Jet Heads, the ultimate weapon in your pursuit of pelagic game fish. Designed with precision and versatility in mind!

With 2 sizes available, either size you pick, you are sure to get hooked when you find the fish! Run this lure naked or troll it in front of some Meat such as Ballyhoo. There is a large cavity in the read end of the lure head to allow for the lure to go over the beak of ballyhoo.

The larger size of the 2oz Big Bertha generates an impressive smoke trail, captivating the attention of Yellowfin, Bigeye, Bluefin, Big Bull Mahi/Dorado and Marlin. The billowing smoke acts as an irresistible invitation, drawing in these prized pelagic species and increasing your chances of a successful catch.

Both the 3/4oz Junior (Available Here) and 2oz Big Bertha Jet Heads feature Wolf Pack Tackle's innovative interchangeable silicon cover and nylon hair collars. This design element enables you to easily switch colors or styles, allowing you to adapt to changing conditions or experiment with different presentations.

When it comes to pelagic game fish, the Wolfpack Tackle Jet Heads are truly deadly. Their proven performance, durability, and ability to entice the most coveted species make them a must-have for any angler seeking an edge in their pursuit of offshore adventure.

We recommend using this lure with a Paradise Tackle Co Ballyhoo Rig in Size 8/0 or 9/0 depending on the size of your Ballyhoo! Available Here!

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