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Williamson - Dorado Catcher - Rigged

Williamson - Dorado Catcher - Rigged

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Williamson - Dorado Catcher 4 or 6

This flat-faced pusher style features a large cavity in the rear of the head specially designed to take a ballyhoo rigging spring. This allows you to get the bait in close to the head and skirt of the lure, giving the bait better protection at desired higher trolling speeds. A great Dolphin and Sailfish lure. One of the best Mahi lures! This lure comes rigged and ready to fish!

Dorado Catcher 4 (DCR4) Lure Length: 4.4"

Dorado Catcher 6 (DCR6) Lure Length: 6"

  • Dorado Catcher 4 is pre-rigged with 5 ft./1.5m - 60 lb. Sufix® mono leader and a VMC® 4/0 Perma Steel Hook
  • Dorado Catcher 6 is pre-rigged with 5 ft./1.5m - 130 lb. Sufix® mono leader and a VMC® 8/0 Perma Steel Hook
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