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Williamson - Big Game Catcher 8

Williamson - Big Game Catcher 8

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Williamson Big Game Catcher 8

This heavy-duty 8" trolling lure features a concave pusher head face that works an erratic swimming action to elicits savage strikes. Whether you rig it with ballyhoo, strip bait or "naked" this is an all-around lure good for Billfish, Bull Mahi and other large gamefish species anywhere in the world. A must have lure if catching big fish is your thing!

  • Head Features Holographic 3D Eye with Embedded Holographic Foil
  • Super Durable Synthetic and Holographic Foil Skirt
  • Pre-Rigged with VMC® 9/0 Hook and 5 ft. / 175 lb. (1.5m / 79kg) Premium Sufix® Leader
  • Troll Up to 7 Knots
  • Lure Length: 8"
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