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Urban Florida Fishing

Urban Florida Fishing - Stryker Swimbait

Urban Florida Fishing - Stryker Swimbait

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Urban Florida Fishing

Stryker Swimbaits

Ultimate Bass Lure!

The BUBBLEGUM FLASH Stryker swimbait is the ultimate weapon for any angler looking to reel in a big catch! With their revolutionary "Body Wave" design, these lures move with an effortless grace that is sure to attract even the most finicky of fish. The deep ribs not only hold on to your choice of scent, but also emit irresistible micro vibrations that will drive fish wild! As if that wasn't enough, the Stryker’s unique design allows it to hold air, creating a mesmerizing bubble trail that will have fish following your lure and for those times when you need to fish in the weeds, a belly slit has been added for weedless rigging. With the Stryker swimbaits in your tackle box, you'll be sure to have the upper hand on your next fishing expedition!

Key Features:

  • 4" - 5 Per Pack
  • 3" - 8 Per Pack
  • Highly productive Bass lure!

Pair the 4" with a  1/8oz belly weighted Cyclone hook or a 3/8oz heavy hitter hook and the 3" with a 1/14oz Belly weighted Hook or a 3/16oz Heavy Hitter Jig.

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