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The Ballyhoop

The Ballyhoop - Flex Collapsible 24" Hoop Net

The Ballyhoop - Flex Collapsible 24" Hoop Net

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The Ballyhoop - Flex Collapsible 24" Hoop Net 


The BallyHoop Flex Collapsible Hoop Net is simplest single piece unit to collapse to the BallyHoop collapsible hoop net product line. The Flex is collapsible just like our other models, but the Flex can fold into itself and when stored, goes into a 2 foot round carrying case for even easier storage.

The Ballyhoop is the easiest way to catch live bait!


  • 4ft. Diameter
  • 4ft. Net Depth
  • 1/4 Inch Mesh Net
  • Rod diameter 5 mm
  • Collapsed diameter: 24 inches
  • Bag Included


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