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Something's Fishy - Extreme Multi Purpose Deodorizer

Something's Fishy - Extreme Multi Purpose Deodorizer

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Something's Fishy 

Extreme Multi Purpose Deodorizer 

In a Blink, NO MORE STINK! 

After years of research and development,  Somethings Fishy has created an all natural multi purpose deodorizer that will stomp out the fish smell! This Multi Purpose Deodorizer has endless possibilities to rid the stink! Use to deodorize and sanitize hands after a day on the water or filleting fish, spray the inside of your fishing boots before you put them away for the week, spray clothes to rid the funk and more!

This product is free from alcohol, parabens, chlorine and contains no hard chemicals!

Pick up your bottle of Something's Fishy today! Available in two wonderful scents- Tropical and Citrus. 

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