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Imperium Outfitters

Imperium Outfitters - Shuriken Lite 8" Jet

Imperium Outfitters - Shuriken Lite 8" Jet

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Shuriken Lite 8" 2.2oz

The Shuriken, by definition, is a weapon in the form of a star. This is a very unique and unreal design like never seen before. When you look at the cups and jets with this lure it does exactly what you think. This lure has an amazing cycle of catching the water to dive into a wake and pop out with a tremendous splash. This lure runs great from 6-12kts and can be ran in a variety of water conditions.

Lite - Hooked bait, can be ran from any position, Capt’s preference. This lure is a killer for mahi, tuna, wahoo, macks, etc. Hook size 7/0

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