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Paradise Tackle Co

Ready-to-Fish Ballyhoo Trolling Rig with C&H Lil Stubby and Mono Leader

Ready-to-Fish Ballyhoo Trolling Rig with C&H Lil Stubby and Mono Leader

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Paradise Tackle Co - Ready-to-Fish Ballyhoo Rig with C&H Lil Stubby and Mono Leader

One of our "Fish Like the Pros" Series of Rigs

This rig is rigged exclusively by Paradise Tackle Co. We've put the time in offshore and have perfected this rig. We put care into making sure every rig is ready for you to take offshore! We spend the time the deburring the holes in every chin weight to ensure nothing can cause premature line breaking or wear. We choose to use the stainless steel springs compared to the "old school" rubber bands for easy use and quicker rigging times for anglers while offshore!

Spend Less Time Rigging and More Time Fishing!

Finest Quality Rig on the market! This Premium rig comes rigged with 100lb tournament grade mono, 1/2oz chin weight, Mustad Hook, and high quality AFW Crimps to minimize profile in the water, and a high quality C&H Lil Stubby lure! It is rigged and ready to catch! Just add your ballyhoo and troll! 


  • 7/0 for use with Small Ballyhoo only (7"-8")
  • 8/0 for use with Small and/or Medium Ballyhoo (8"-8.5")
  • 9/0 for use with Medium and/or Large Ballyhoo (8.5"-10")

The C&H Lures Lil Stubby lure was chosen because it is a proven workhorse in the trolling spread. Adding this lure in front of a ballyhoo increases it's effectiveness drastically!

  • Pushes water as it pops out of your wake
  • Catches anything that swims yet extremely effective lure for Mahi, Tuna, White Marlin, Sailfish & Blackfin Tuna
This rig is simple to use! And allows for fast changing of baits while out on the water!
  1. Rig the ballyhoo on the hook
  2. Push the pin from under the ballyhoo up through the soft spot of the mouth
  3. Break the beak off
  4. Tuck the weight up under the gill/"neck" area
  5. Screw the Stainless Steel spring down the pin to tighten the weight and hold it together.
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