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R&R Tackle

R&R Tackle - Tuna Magnets

R&R Tackle - Tuna Magnets

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R&R Tackle - Tuna Magnets

This lure is primarily designed to catch tunas in the 5 to 25lb range but will catch larger tunas if rigged with heavier leader. This lighter, 60lb test leader, will attract more bites and the stiff rigged 6/0 Mustad hook will have a higher hookup ratio. 

Also highly effective on most pelagic fish like Mahi, Sailfish, Grouper and more!

Key Features-

  • 1/2oz head
  • 60lb leader
  • Mylar flash strips
  • High quality swivel
  • 6/0 Mustad hook
  • Stiff rigged hook
  • Realistic eyes


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