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R&R Tackle

R&R Tackle - Line-Through Swim Baits

R&R Tackle - Line-Through Swim Baits

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R&R Tackle - Line-Through Swim Baits

Available in 5" and 6" 1.5oz

Prefect Pitch Lure for Running and Gunning weed line to weed line for Mahi!

Featuring a durable plastic construction, the R&R Tackle Tico Line-Through Swimbait stands up to repeated attacks from toothy predators. The line-through design allows the bait to slide up the leader so it doesn't tear the bait up during the fight, ensuring it's ready to battle again as soon as you land your trophy. This swimbait comes with a Mustad J hook, but it can be paired with other hooks already in your arsenal, as well. The R&R Tackle Tico Line Through Swimbait is perfect for running and gunning looking for Mahi and also highly effective at targeting Snook, Tarpon, Redfish, and other favorite inshore species from the beach or your boat!

  • Durable plastic construction
  • Line-through design keeps the bait safe during fights
  • Includes a Mustad J hook
  • Ideal for inshore and offshore fishing
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