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Tackle Crafters

Tackle Crafters - Pompano Circle Pro Rig

Tackle Crafters - Pompano Circle Pro Rig

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The Pompano Circle Pro is Tackle Crafters most popular Pompano Rig. This tried and proven rig is great for beaches, piers, inlets, and jetties. It features 2 stainless steel 2/0 circle hooks and 2 chartreuse and yellow pill floats.  When the Pompano are running this the go to for many fisherman! A staple off the beaches on the East Coast of Florida. Like all of their rigs they are made in Jupiter Florida.

  • Two 2/0 Stainless Circle Hooks
  • 30lb Quad Colored Camo Monofilament
  • #7 Brass Rolling Swivel
  • #5 Brass Duo Lock Snap
  • Made in the USA
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