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Imperium Outfitters

Imperium Outfitters - Super Smoker 9"

Imperium Outfitters - Super Smoker 9"

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Nano Super Smoker 6"

Super Smoker Lite 9" (Staff Favorite)

The cupped face and jets on this lure help give it one of the most jaw dropping bubble trails of any lure on the market. This lure can be run from slow trolling speeds all the way to 12kts, with a sweet spot of 6-10. The cycle occurs every 4-6 seconds and and it smokes like the name says. Can be run in flat conditions, but will also absolutely eat chop. Also can be run in weed lines with success!

This unweighted version is a great meat lure. Tuna, mahi, wahoo, white marlin, sailfish, etc the list goes on. Can be fished as a single behind chains, spreaders, or dredges.

(Pictures do not directly represent color on lures as offering changes)

Use with hook size 7/0.

Length: 9 inches

Weight: 2 oz.

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