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Paradise Tackle Co

Daisy Chain Offshore Slammer - Tuna, Mahi, Dorado, Sailfish

Daisy Chain Offshore Slammer - Tuna, Mahi, Dorado, Sailfish

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Paradise Tackle Co. - Daisy Chain Offshore Slammer - Mahi Tuna Sailfish 
        - Expertly rigged on 5ft of 150lb Extreme Tournament Grade Mono Leader.
        - Rigged using a high quality Mustad 8/0 2x extra strong offshore J-hook.
        - Our lures are rigged using the highest quality fully metallic skirts (Once you see 'em, you will love 'em).
        - Perfectly weighted chasing skirt with hook to create a big disturbance that makes fish go crazy!
        - Extremely high quality skirts sourced from U.S Based suppliers.
        - All connections are crimped to minimize lure failure.
        - Chaff guards on both ends of lure.
        - All eyes are made with UV Glow paint for an irresistibly effective lure.

Run this Daisy Chain in any trolling formation to create a ton of surface commotion to force the predatory fish to attack your spread. The fish can't resist it! 

Two color options available currently.
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