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Mahi Maniacs

Mahi Maniacs (Rigged) 7 3/4" Cupped Jet Head

Mahi Maniacs (Rigged) 7 3/4" Cupped Jet Head

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Extremely High Quality 7 3/4" Mahi Maniacs Cupped Jet Head!

Mahi Maniacs has spend numerous hours offshore perfecting this Cupped Jet Head lure! This lure is high quality and made to last. This lure pulls fish into your trolling spread from afar! It creates a jet trail behind the lure as it cycles in and out of the water creating a huge commotion that hungry pelagic fish can't resist!

Highly Effective and Catches Tuna, Dolphin (Mahi Mahi), Wahoo, Sailfish, Kingfish and most other pelagic fish.  

Some of the highest quality lures we've ever seen!

  • Cupped Jet Head 
  • Rigged and ready to catch!
  • 80lb mono
  • 8/0 Offshore J-Hook
  • 2.3oz lure weight
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