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L.B. Huntington

L.B Huntington - Stainless Steel Drone Spoon - Size 2 Silver Flash

L.B Huntington - Stainless Steel Drone Spoon - Size 2 Silver Flash

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L.B. Huntington is the maker of THE ORIGINAL Drone Spoon! Paradise Tackle Company  believes in offering our customers the highest quality tackle and we don't like to sell  cheap knock offs!  

Size 2

  • Overall Length 4 1/4"
  • Weight 5/8oz
  • Hook Size 7/0
  • Custom made High Quality Mustad Hook
  • Stainless Blade
  • Hand Welded rings for strength 
  • Extremely popular size for Kingfish and Barracuda! 
  • Highly effective on all striking fish!

We carry sizes commonly used by saltwater fisherman with a few different color options to shake up the bite when the fish are being picky!
This spoon is commonly used on planers, trolling weights and ran naked on top of the water. Extremely popular used while trolling for Kingfish and Barracuda! Also, it can be trolled over patch reefs and on a spinning outfit in a cast/retrieve technique. 
The drone spoon was originally invented in 1918 as has since been knocked off by most every major present day lure manufacture. This lure is simple, proven and highly effective for most striking fish all around the world!
The L.B. Huntington Drone Spoon features:
  • High quality stainless steel blade "Spoon"
  • High quality custom made Mustad hook specially made for L.B. Huntington's Drone Spoon Guaranteed against breakage!
  • Mustad Duratin coating on hook for corrosion resistance
  • Hand soldered rings for durability and strength for the toughest fish

Drone spoons have been a standard over the years and have caught hundreds of different species of fish around the world. This lure was created by a fisherman for fisherman. After all, fisherman know best!

L.B. Huntington Drone Spoon Size Chart:

Size Spoon Length (Inch) Hook Size Weight (Oz)
1 3 1/4 5/0 3/8
2 4 1/4 7/0 5/8
3 5 1/4 8/0 1
3 1/2 5 1/2 10/0 1 1/8

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