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Jaw Lures

Jaw Lures Tuna Buster

Jaw Lures Tuna Buster

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  • 4" JAW squid skirt chasing another 4" JAW squid skirt
  • Rigged on 100 lbs AFW Hi-Seas Leader
  • Mustad 3407 SS-DT O'Shaughnessy size 6/0 hooks
  • Pre-tuned to run true out of the bag. No rigging needed.
  • One skirt chasing the other, triggering an irresistible marauding instinct
  • 2 skirts, 2 hooks, 1 lure
  • Irresistible to marauding Blackfin and Skipjack Tuna, Bonito, Mackerel and Dolphin

Designed by fishermen for fishermen. Superb swimming action right out the bag. Never tangle, no rigging needed.

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