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Paradise Tackle Co/Islamorada Flyers

Islamorada Flyers Daisy Chain

Islamorada Flyers Daisy Chain

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Rigged With an authentic Islamorada Flyers Lure!

Premium Islamorada Flyer Daisy Chain

Mahi, Tuna and Sailfish and other Predator fish Can't Resist!

It is no secret that the Islamorada Flyer has become an Offshore Angler's Favorite lure! It has been tested highly effective all around the world! It quickly became one of the best offshore fishing lures on the market! This lure gets hit hard by all pelagic fish as they love feeding on flying fish! Especially Mahi-mahi, Tuna, Sailfish and even Wahoo!

Paradise Tackle Co has worked on making the highly effective best selling lure, The Islamorada Flyer, even more effective! We have rigged the Islamorada Flyer in a Daisy Chain with 4 other matching squid skirts to create a hit triggering lure that the fish can't resist! This is a Daisy Chain consisting of 5 total skirts! Daisy chains are known to pull fish into a trolling spread. If you aren't trolling with a daisy chain, you're missing bites!

Small (can be trolled on lighter outfits such as TLD15)-
  • Made with 5 skirts!
  • Four 4.5" skirts
  • Small 5" Islamorada Flyers chase lure
  • Rigged on 5ft of 150LB Tournament Grade Mono Leader 
  • Mustad 7/0 Stainless Steel Hook 
  • All connection loops crimped 
  • Loop chaff protectors
  • Rigged to last


    • High quality world famous authentic Islamorada Flyer chase skirt that fish can't resist!
    • Small Daisy Chain is designed to be trolled on a lighter trolling outfits such as TLD15 or similar sized reels. (Even heavier spinning outfits!)
    • Tournament grade mono leader 
    • Stainless Steel Mustad Hooks
    • High quality crimps 
    • All loops have loop chaff protection to extended lure life and prevent breakoffs due to chafing!
    Run this Daisy Chain in any trolling formation (Captains favorite is to run on the shotgun position 150+ yards behind boat) to create a ton of surface commotion to force the predatory fish to attack your spread. The fish can't resist it! 
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