Imperium Outfitters - S5 HexaBullet 15-16"

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Imperium Outfitters - HexaBullet (Lure Only)

6-sided cone-faced classic wahoo shape. Made to run deeper than most of our other designs. Perfect for when you’re out specifically targeting wahoo. Suitable for med-heavy/heavy wahoo tackle. Run wahoo lures in long rigger or shotgun positions. Needs trolling lead like most lures for deeper drop. Can be run for high or normal trolling speeds.

Troll on a lead or planer like most lures for deeper drop.

Perfect High Speed Trolling (HST) Lure.

S5: Proven Wahoo Killer

Hook size: 9/0-11/0 Big Game Style Hook

Length: 15-16" 

Weight: 13.5 oz.