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FishRazr - Flying Fish Lure 8.5" Natural (Rigged)

FishRazr - Flying Fish Lure 8.5" Natural (Rigged)

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FishRazr - Flying Fish Lure 8.5" (Rigged) Natural Color

One piece, soft plastic flying fish that can be used as a trolling lure. FishRazr flying fish are designed with a  large rigging channel in the bottom. The channel has a tunnel to the top for kite application, then front to back for trolling. High quality paint that stays on despite fish explosions and our eyes stand the test of time. These flying fish are durable while still being soft enough to look and feel realistic.

Don't let this lures small size fool you! It has caught trophy Mahi all around the world!

Key Features:

  • Lure Size: 8.5"
  • Rigged with premium leaders and top quality Mustad Hooks
  • Ready to catch out of the package!
  • Trolls well at higher speeds and in rough conditions
  • Concave face gives the lure great surface action
  • High quality paint that stays on
  • Durable eyes that stay on despite explosive fish strikes
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