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Eye Catcher Lures

Eye Catcher Lures - Outlaw

Eye Catcher Lures - Outlaw

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Eye Catcher Lures - Outlaw

The Outlaw. After all these years this is still Eye Catcher Lures number one selling lure. The Outlaw feature a unique “belly- weighted” custom painted lead head with sparkling prismatic 3D eyes. Its true secret is that it always runs upright and straight no matter how it is rigged. When used over a ballyhoo, the reverse tied brilliant flashing skirt material undulates seductively as the lure is pulled through the waves. The Outlaw catches everything that swims including King MackerelWahooTunaDolphin as well as Billfish.

Head Weight: 2oz - Length 6.5"

Record making lure!

The Outlaw has held and continues to hold many individual state records including the 82lb, 4oz North Carolina all-tackle state record king mackerel, GA all-tackle Wahoo (twice!) as well as the Maryland Wahoo record which has since been surpassed. The Outlaw lures have been responsible for countless citations of Dolphin, Tuna, Wahoo and King Mackerel.

Key Features:

  • High quality materials used
  • Hand tied in USA
  • Keel weighted head to track upright and straight
  • 2oz head
  • 6.5" Length
  • Highly effective on Wahoo, Mahi, Tuna, Marlin and Kingfish!
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