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Evolution Lures

Evolution Lures - Flyboy 5.5" Rigged

Evolution Lures - Flyboy 5.5" Rigged

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Evolution Lures - Flyboy 5.5" Rigged

Rigged and Ready - Flying Fish Lure

The Evolution Lures Flyboy 5.5" Rigged flying fish style lures will put meat in the ice chest! The winged design mimics a fleeing flying fish and can't be beat when trying to match the hatch. Just drop them in and go. This style of lure is on of the best fishing lures for fishing the Florida Keys and Florida Waters!

Key Features: 

  • 80 lb mono leader
  • .375 lead Weighted
  • 7/0 Mustad Hook 3407SSD 2X Strong
  • 4.5" Flash duster included
  • Tough rubber head
  • Reflective spacer beads for perfect hook placement
  • Chafe protectors and copper crimps
  • 5.5" Length

This lure has been thoroughly tested to catch Mahi in any waters! Every fish loved Flying Fish. Give the fish what they want with a the Flyboy Flying Fish Lure!

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