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Epic Fishing Co

Epic Fishing Co - Axis - Rigged Stainless Steel Trolling Lure

Epic Fishing Co - Axis - Rigged Stainless Steel Trolling Lure

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Axis - Rigged Stainless Steel Trolling Lure



There is no denying the rapid rise in popularity of stainless steel Wahoo lures.  They work great, they're durable, plus...they look really freakin' cool.  Because of this, Epic Fishing Co had to jump on the bandwagon and bring out a durable, high polished stainless Wahoo lure that you can troll fast or slow, and affordably.  With double UV skirts and quality rigging, the Axis is one tough lure to beat.  This lure can be trolled high speed or normal speed.  You'll find similar lures at much higher prices - save that extra cash for your gas tank and let us handle the rigging.

Final assembly and rigging of these lures is performed in our warehouse, right here in NC.  

  • Epic Axis is a high polish stainless steel Wahoo lure
  • Double skirted w/ Epic UV lure skirts
  • Troll this Wahoo lure from 8 to 18 knots
    • Fishes well with or without trolling weight
  • Rigged on six feet of 480 lb stainless steel cable
    • Single hook stiff rig
    • 9/0 Stainless southern Tuna hook
    • Lure Dimensions:
      • 10.5" overall length
      • 12 ounce weight
      • 7.25" skirt length
      • 3.25" head length
      • 1.125" head diameter at widest point
    • Rigged in USA with foreign and domestic components

    Epic Axis is a stainless steel Wahoo lure you can high speed troll or kick back and troll slowly.


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