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Paradise Tackle Co

Easy-To-Use Bonita Strip Rig - Fluorocarbon

Easy-To-Use Bonita Strip Rig - Fluorocarbon

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Paradise Tackle Co Bonita Strip Rig - Fluorocarbon 

One of our "Fish Like The Pros" Series of rigs!

It's no secret that using Fluorocarbon helps catch more fish! The Pros use it and so should you! Paradise Tackle Co helps get you rigs made with 100% Fluorocarbon Leader at an affordable price without having to spend hundreds of dollars on spools of Fluorocarbon leader!

We have made is easy for you to fish like the pros without having to spend hours rigging your gear! Charter boats have been trolling with Bonita strips for decades and it is no secret about how effective this bait technique is! Fishing with Bonita Strips is not just a technique for the Professionals!

Our Bonita Strips rigs are easy to use and carefully rigged to ensure you get the hook up! It's no secret that trolling with bait on your hooks increases your presentation and increases secondary strikes from the fish that didn't get hooked on their first strike!

We all know that fluorocarbon leader is expensive. Our Fluorocarbon rigs will help you fish like the pros so you can use higher quality tackle, spend less time rigging and more time fishing! Our trolling rigs are rigged by expert offshore fisherman to help you fill your fish box!

The Bonita Strip Rig is expertly rigged with 6ft of tournament grade 100% Fluorocarbon, AFW Crimps, AFW Stainless Steel Swivel, and a Mustad 2x  Hook. Spend more time fishing and less time rigging!

No Bonita Strips? Use this rig with Artificial Trolling Strips! Available Here!

**This lure requires crimping pliers (Available Here) to crimp the main line side of loop with the supplied AFW crimp. This allows you to add your favorite lure in front of the rig to increase lure profile and flash!

Available in:

  • 9/0 w/ 100lb Fluorocarbon
  • 8/0 w/ 100lb Fluorocarbon
  • 7/0 w/ 80lb Fluorocarbon
    • 80lb Fluorocarbon to be extra stealthy for when the fish don't want to bite!

Using this rig makes trolling Bonita strips easy.

  1. Lay the strip over to estimate where the wire hanger will go through
  2. Use the hook to make a hole where the wire will hang the strip from
  3. Hook the strip on the wire and pull semi-tight and hook the hook through the strip.
  4. Add your favorite skirt in front on the strip to increase flash and presentation!

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