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Reliable Fishing Products

Reliable Fishing Products - 42" X 90" Insulated Kill Bag, Cow Tuna Edition

Reliable Fishing Products - 42" X 90" Insulated Kill Bag, Cow Tuna Edition

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Reliable Fishing Products

42" X 90" Insulated Kill Bag, Cow Tuna Edition

The New Cow Tuna soft fish cooler bag is built for heavier grade tuna, bringing greater flexibility to the deck without taking up any extra space.  The Reliable Fishing Products  pro team helped develop this bag with the goal of getting two 250 lb bluefin tuna in a single bag with enough ice to keep these fish ice-cold 24 hrs.  This bag is taller than our other 90" series bag with a height of 42 inches providing room for bigger fish and lots of extra ice!

This insulated fish bags are UV and mildew resistant, keeping your fish fresh and protected during a full day of fishing, no matter the elements. Closed cell foam also holds your ice as long as you need and keeps your catch cold, fresh, and safe even on the hottest of days. The drain plug at the bottom corner allows you to clean, rinse, and drain your tuna after use.

These insulated fish kill bags make it much easier to protect and transport your catch!

This big tuna fish bag is approximately equivalent to a 475-quart ice chest.

Product features:

  • Outer Dimensions: 90" zipper, 75" bottom length 13" bottom width 42" tall 
  • Inner Dimensions: 88" zipper opening 74" bottom length 12" bottom width 42" tall
  • Approximately 340 quarts
  • 4 handles
  • 475 Quart Capacity
  • Heavy-duty 18 oz. vinyl coated polyester
  • UV- and mildew-resistant thread
  • 0.5" dense, closed-cell foam
  • Drain plug
  • Non-corrosive YKK zipper
  • 12" Gusseted bottom sits flat, expands for larger capacity

“Wow I stacked a 180lb and a 300lb Bluefin in the new cow bag and started loading more and more ice, and still closed it with ease.  After we didn’t get anymore fish that day I grabbed all the other ice from the other fish bag and kept on dumping it on top of the fish, adding around 160 more pounds of ice and it still closed with ease. I really couldn’t believe it.  Definitely a game changer and gonna make life that much more easier.” - Richard Balta

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