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Billy Baits

Billy Baits - Super Smoker II Lure

Billy Baits - Super Smoker II Lure

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The Billy Baits Super Smoker II Lure features unique inner and outer jets. Super Smoker II combines the original Super Smoker jetted head with C&H Sea Witch style hair for a lifelike appearance with some turbulence. These jets create an amazing skirt action as well as a longer smoke trail when trolled. This lure works best when trolled between 6-20 knots. A highly effective trolling lure to run in any position and highly effective at catching Wahoo, Mahi and Tuna.

Key Features:

  • Unique inner and outer jets
  • 2oz lure head weight
  • Amazing skirt action and long smoke trail when trolled
  • Troll in any position
  • Works best between 6-20 knots
  • Lure only, not rigged
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