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Billy Baits

Billy Baits Double Cavitator Rigged

Billy Baits Double Cavitator Rigged

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Billy Baits- Double Cavitator Lure

Rigged and Ready!

The Billy Baits Double Cavitator lure features a precision machined head and special 360 degree turbulence ring which is designed for smoke and turbulence trails. This is an all time favorite lure that is extremely productive trolled plain but especially deadly with natural ballyhoo or a Bonita Strip. 

  • Rigged and Ready to troll!
  • Head weight 2oz
  • Length 7"
  • Troll between 2-20 knots
  • Rigged with 130lb mono and a 7/0 SS Hook.
  • Extremely effective trolled plain but even more effective trolled with natural bait or strips

Pro Tip: Put this lure out ASAP! Don't waste time fishing! Get a couple in light and dark colors! Troll one of each!

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