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Ali'i Kai Lures

Ali'i Kai Lures - Pilchard - Squid Skirt

Ali'i Kai Lures - Pilchard - Squid Skirt

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The Ali'i Kai Lures are expertly handcrafted in Hawaii by Shawn Rotella, an expert Captain and Kona fisherman. This 6.5-7" Pilchard Lure is made with a premium skirt and are  perfectly keel weighted to create irresistible action and track straight in all trolling conditions. These lure heads are molded from directly from bait fish and provide an identical profile to the bait fish head. While this lure is being pulled in the propwash wash of your boat, fish can't tell the difference between these lures and the real fish.  There is no secret as to why this style of lure has become so popular. To put it plain and simple, they catch fish! 

These Ali'i Kai Lures are irresistible to Marlin, Mahi-Mahi, Tuna, Wahoo and more! The ultimate offshore trolling lure for your trolling spread! 

This lure is available unrigged and rigged using a 8/0 stiff rig hookset and 150lb mono.

Highly effective in catching pelagic fish in the waters worldwide! 

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