Best lures to catch wahoo. High Speed Trolling. How to catch Wahoo.

Best Wahoo Lures

Best wahoo lures.

Best Lures to Catch Wahoo

About Wahoo

Wahoo fish, scientifically known as Acanthocybium solandri, are sleek and fast predators found in warm tropical and subtropical waters around the world. They are known for their torpedo-like bodies, vibrant blue-green coloring, and razor-sharp teeth. Wahoo are prized by anglers for their speed and delicious, firm flesh, making them a popular catch in sport fishing and a delectable addition to seafood menus. 

Since Wahoo are such fast predatory fish with razor sharp teeth, your selection of lures need to be larger, and more durable than typical lures used to target Mahimahi, Tuna, and Billfish. High Speed Trolling (HST) has become extremely popular for targeting Wahoo as it has been learned that trolling lures fast beneath the surface triggers a response in the Wahoo that they cannot resist. High Speed Trolling also minimizes the less desirable catches like MahiMahi, Kingfish, Barracuda and others.

Below is our always expanding list of high quality Wahoo lures that are sure to get you hooked up when you find the fish!

1. Ballyhood - Cowbell 32oz

High Speed Trolling Lure, Ballyhoo Cowbell, Wahoo Lure, Best Wahoo Lures

A lure that needs no introduction! This lure is a highly productive lure for Anglers chasing Wahoo. This lure weighs 32oz and can be trolled at high speeds without the need of a trolling weight. The flashy premium mylar skirt attracts fish from afar which the bell clacks to alert predatory fish that that is bait in the area. If you want a lure that is high quality and highly effective at getting you hooked up, get yourself a Ballyhoo Cowbell! These lures come rigged and ready to fish with stainless steel cable and quality big game hooks. Check out the Ballyhoo Cowbell Here!

2. FishRazr - Wahoo Bullet Sr. 10.5"

Wahoo trolling lure

It's no secret that FishRazr is making some highly effective and quality lures. This lure is no acceptation! FishRazr - Wahoo Bullet Sr comes rigged and ready to fish. This lure can be ran on a trolling lead or on top and creates great action and bubbles to attract Wahoo. Click Here to checkout the FishRazr Wahoo Bullet Sr. Also, checkout the smaller 8.5" version the FishRazr Wahoo Bullet Jr.

3. Ballyhood - 14oz Wahoo Express

Wahoo trolling lures

The Wahoo Express is a high speed sub-surface slammer that creates giant jet action. Designed with the knowledgeable contributions of Wahoo expert Dr. Ray Waldner of West Palm beach, Florida, and Twig Tolle Jr. of Sportfishing Magazine, the “Wahoo Express” weighs in at 14 ounces, measures 10″ overall, and has a highly polished 1″ diameter bullet head with large goggle eyes. Click Here to checkout the Ballyhoo - 14oz Wahoo Express

4. Williamson - Wahoo Catcher (Rigged)

Williamson Wahoo Catcher, Wahoo Lure

A more budget friendly lure for those Anglers beginning to target Wahoo on light tackle. The Williamson Wahoo Catcher is rigged and ready to catch with a stainless steel cable leader and quality VMC hook. This lure was designed to troll on top or attached to a Planer or trolling lead. This lure is also high effective when High Speed Trolling.Click Here to checkout the Williamson - Wahoo Catcher

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