Best Hooks To Catch Mahi

All the time we get asked what hooks are best used for catching Mahi. We don't mind answering our customers questions when asked. However, we figured we would help everyone out and write an educational blog post on the top used hooks as well as our top selling hooks used to catch Mahi. The hooks below are listed in no particular order and are all an excellent choice and are highly effective when used for targeting Mahi. Short, sweet and to the point! 

1. Mustad 3407 O'Shaughnessy Hook

Hands down one of the most commonly used hooks used as a hook on trolling lures and also as a general pitch bait hook for catching Mahi. This hook is an industry standard that mostly all other companies try to replicate. The Mustad 3407 is the gold standard in offshore hooks. The patented Duratin coating that is applied to them resists corrosion and helps keep the hook razor sharp during several catches. Sizes 4/0-6/0 are used for pitch bait hooks and 5/0-10/0 are commonly used for trolling lure hooks. We stock all the common sizes and you can check them out HERE. The 34007 is the Stainless Steel version available HERE.

2. Mustad Big Gun Hook

The Mustad Big Gun hook is a Charter Boat favorite. These hooks are the best kept secret to hooking into big mahi and keeping the fish on the hook! This hook will quickly become your go to hook for quickly tossing chunk or live baits to schools of feeding Mahi. You will want to match hook size with bait size. 3/0-6/0 is our most commonly used sizes in this hook and we always have them tied onto a couple rods when out fishing for Dorado. Check them out HERE.

3. Mustad Demon Perfect Circle Hook

The Mustad Demon Perfect Circle Hook is a Mahi Fisherman's go to circle hook. It is a great all purpose hook that is strong and holds up well to salt water corrosion. It is a hook that was designed for fool proof hook ups for most striking fish and most of the time will hook up with the fish in the corner of the mouth. Perfect for new or inexperienced anglers as all that is needed to be done is to let the fish take the bait and start reeling and the hook sets itself! We recommend a few packs for your tackle bag. Sizes 3/0-7/0 are most commonly used for Mahi fishing. Check them out HERE.

This is a growing list of hooks that are available to Anglers for catching Mahi. If catching Mahi gives you enjoyment, check out our other blog posts that highlights our top selling Mahi Lures. Click HERE to read now!


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