Best Blackfin Tuna Lures

Best Blackfin Tuna Lures

Best Blackfin Tuna Lures

Blackfin Tuna is a fun and exciting fish to catch while offshore. Paradise Tackle Co has compiled a list of their best selling lures to catch Blackfin Tuna! (In no particular order)


1. C&H - TUNA TANGO (Rigged & Ready)

The Tuna Tango is a high quality strike triggering lure that runs straight and can be used in rough seas. It has life like eyes and a high quality skirt that will last many trips offshore. Click Here to check out the Tuna Tango Lure!

2.  SeaUsmile Lures - Mylar Bites (Rigged & Ready)

The SeaUsmile Lures Mylar Bites is a Blackfin Tuna magnet! This lure has a bite triggering Mylar skirt that attracts fish to strike. Click Here to check out the Mylar Bites Lures!

3.  Jaw Lures - Mahi & Tuna Feathers (Rigged & Ready)

Jaw Lures are quickly becoming a top performer in the offshore fishing industry! Their lures trigger a the chase instinct that all offshore pelagic fish love! This lures includes two skirts and two hooks! They'll be sure to get you hooked into Blackfin Tuna and often times, two at a time! Click Here to check out the Jaw Lures Tuna & Mahi Feathers!

4. Magictail Outfitters - Hoo Magic

Magictail Outfitters Hoo Magic is proudly made in the USA and is handtied with high quality hair and Mylar flash strips. They are sure to get you hooked up trolled naked or ran infront of a rigged ballyhoo! They are also highly effective for Mahi and Billfish! Click Here to check out the Magictail Outfitters Hoo Magic!

5. Billy Baits - Ahi Slayer (Rigged & Ready)

The Billy Baits Ahi Slayer is a high performer for catching Blackfin Tuna! It has a 1oz head and high quality feather and skirt. It is rigged and ready to get you hooked up! Click Here to check out the Billy Baits - Ahi Slayer!


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