A list of the best mahi-mahi lures. Best lures to catch Dorado.

Best Mahi Lures Proven To Catch!

Best Mahi Lures Proven to Catch!

Ever wonder why others are always catching fish while you're not? It's not just luck—it's about using the right gear. Charter Captains rely on lures that consistently fill their ice boxes and meet their customers' expectations. These best-selling Mahi lures are the same ones you’ll find on boats in Charter Row and in every offshore angler's tackle bag. Explore our top Mahi lures that will increase your chances for success on your next trip offshore. Don't head back to the dock empty-handed—pick up a few today!

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Below is the list we have compiled from knowledge, experience and retail data of repeated purchases from satisfied customers!


1. C&H Lures Alien Chugger

This lure is a must have if you're headed offshore to chase mahi! Chugger lures are a charter boat favorite in the FL Keys and used by offshore anglers all over the world! Most anglers will run this in front of a rigged ballyhoo with a 7/0 or 8/0 Hook (depending on ballyhoo size). This lure gives the ballyhoo more action and makes a great splash and popping sound that hungry mahi can't resist! Click Here to check it out!

2. C&H Lures Rattle Jet

Ask any angler that have been fishing Mahi for a few years and we guarantee you that they will tell you this is one of their go-to lures that always performs! The C&H Rattle Jet lure is an angler's favorite when it comes to mahi fishing. This lure makes a rattle that'll bring the fish in from the distant and it's action will make the fish want to eat it!  Click Here to check out the Rattle Jet it out! Click Here to check out the Rattle Jet XL for a bigger lure to catch bigger fish!

4. Jaw Lures - Mahi Hunter

Jaw Lures has been taking over the offshore lure market by storm! It is no surprise that their lures are so effective and the Mahi Hunter is no exception. This lure contains two skirts with a hook on each skirt. If you find the fish this lure can reel in mahi and fill up your ice box in no time! Even two at a time! We highly recommend trolling this lure in your trolling spread to get hooked up! Click Here to check out the Mahi Hunter.

5.  Billy Baits - Mini Turbo Slammer

The Billy Baits Mini Turbo Slammer is a staple in the Mahi-mahi tackle arsenal. We bet that if you take a look through anyone going out for Mahi they'll have a Mini Turbo Slammer or two in their tackle arsenal.  This lure is designed to make a nice splash and run through the water like a flying fish! We recommend adding a couple to your tackle box today! Click Here to check it out!

6. No Alibi - Dolphin Delight

The Dolphin Delight is like no other Mahi lure on the market. The spade head makes the lure act like a wounded bait fish as it sporadically dances through the water. No hungry Mahi will let this bait get away! Also, from our experience if it is ran as a shotgun lure it will get strikes from tuna as well! Click Here to check this lure out!

7. Jaw Lures - Mahi Slayer

Jaw Lures has been taking off the offshore lure market. Their lures are designed to trigger the predator instincts in the offshore pelagic fish. The Mahi Slayer holds up to its name and will help you fill the ice box! We recommend trolling a couple different colors as soon as you hit 200' of water! Click Here to check out the Mahi Slayer! Also, Click Here to check out Jaw Lures full line of offshore fishing lures. They won't disappoint!

8. Mahi Maniacs 6" Chugger

Mahi Maniacs makes extremely high quality lures! Their Chugger head lures are a crowd favorite and quickly becoming popular in the offshore fishing community. The 6" Chugger is one of our favorites as it creates great action as it is pulled through the water. They have a beautifully crafted resin head that reflects light to pull the fish in to your spread. The resin head is the perfect weight that will make the perfect splash and sound that Mahi cannot resist! Click Here to check it out. If Big Mahi is what you're after, check out Mahi Maniacs bullet head lures dorado fishing lures dolphin fishing lures trolling lures offshore fishing 7 3/4" Mirrored Bullet Head Mahi maniacs fishing lures trolling lures offshore fishing sport fishing" 7 3/4" Holographic Bullet Head lures
9. SeaUsmile Lures All Mylar Resin Chugger

SeaUsmile Lures are no strangers to the Mahi and Tuna lure market! They make all Mylar lures that get smashed by Mahi! This All Mylar Resin Chugger Lure is the perfect addition to Rigged Ballyhoo or Bonita Strips or it can be trolled naked! We sell the lure only and also sell it rigged and ready to fish! Click Here to check it out. Click Here to check out the other all Mylar options from SeaUsmile Lures.

Want to fish like the pros? Add these lures to the Paradise Tackle Co Ballyhoo Rigs and Bonita Strip Rigs available HERE.

10. Islamorada Flyer 

The Islamorada Flyer is a lure that is like no other flying fish lure on the market! It was carefully designed to provide action on top of the water just like a real flying fish. It tracks straight and glides smoothly on top of the water when it surfaces just like flying fish! Most of Mahi that we catch have flying fish in their stomachs. There is not secret that if you add one of these to your trolling spread you'll increase your catch rate! They're available in Small and Large and available in Blue, Hot Pink and Purple! We recommend one of each! Click Here to check it out!

11. Imperium Outfitters Meathead

The Imperium Outfitters Meathead is a lure that should be in every offshore anglers tackle box! Want to be impressed? Run this lure in front of a rigged ballyhoo and be ready to get hooked up! Imperium Outfitters uses innovative technology to make all their trolling lures. They use high quality skirts and materials to produce a lure that will hold up to all the demand that is expected while offshore! The Meathead lure is a gem in the trolling lure market! Don't let this lure size fool you. It is great to add in front of a ballyhoo and helps prevent the ballyhoo from washing out! It adds flash to the bait that Mahi love and extends the life of your natural bait to prevent washout. Click Here to check it out and grab a few to add your tackle bag! Run this in front of a Paradise Tackle Co Ballyhoo Rig or Bonita Strip rig available HERE.

12. C&H Lil Swimmer

A proven tournament winner and angler favorite in the FL Keys. This lure will swim sporadically like a wounded bait fish. The Mylar skirt adds flash and pulls the fish into your spread! This lure is also a proven catcher of Mahi! Add a couple of these to your tackle bag and trolling spread! Click Here to check it out! 

13. Mahi Maniacs 7 3/4" Cupped Jet Head

Mahi Maniacs has spend numerous hours offshore perfecting this Cupped Jet Head lure! This lure is high quality and made to last. This lure pulls fish into your trolling spread from afar! It creates a jet trail behind the lure as it cycles in and out of the water creating a huge commotion that hungry pelagic fish can't resist! Rigged and Ready to fish! Click Here to check it out!

14. C&H Lil Stubby Chugger

The C&H Lil Stubby Chugger is a great addition to rigged ballyhoo and strip baits. It gives dead baits great action and helps extend the life of baits. This lure is made with flesh like skin for excellent action. It is designed to cycle in and out of the water and make a splash! Click Here to check it out! Add this to a Paradise Tackle Ballyhoo Rig or Bonita Strip Rig available HERE.

15. Yo-Zuri Crystal 3D Minnow Deep Diver

No trolling spread is complete without having a diving plug! We recommend the Yo-Zuri Deep Diver our customers. This lure has excellent action while being trolled and comes in two sizes, 5 1/4" and 6". We sell the top performing colors and highly recommend you add some dimension to your trolling spread and recommend you get a couple to add to your tackle bag! Click Here to check it out!

16. Jaw Lures Daisy Chain

Daisy Chains are a highly effective way to create a frenzy in your trolling spread. The numerous skirts create a commotion in your spread that bring fish in from afar. The last lure in the chain has the hook. This is because pelagic fish typically chase the lures and will strike the last fish! Typically, Offshore Anglers often times troll daisy chains in the shotgun position and the further away from the boat (150-200ft). This also helps the boat shy tuna and big Bull Mahi to get hooked! Add a Daisy Chain to your spread and you'll be glad you did. Click Here to check it out!

17. Islamorada Flyer Daisy Chain

It is no secret that the Islamorada Flyer has become an Offshore Angler's Favorite lure! It has been tested highly effective all around the world! It quickly became one of the best offshore fishing lures on the market! This lure gets hit hard by all pelagic fish as they love feeding on flying fish! Especially Mahi-mahi, Tuna, Sailfish and even Wahoo!

Paradise Tackle Co has worked on making the highly effective best selling lure, The Islamorada Flyer, even more effective! We have rigged the Islamorada Flyer in a Daisy Chain with 4 other matching squid skirts to create a hit triggering lure that the fish can't resist! This is a Daisy Chain consisting of 5 total skirts! Daisy chains are known to pull fish into a trolling spread. If you aren't trolling with a daisy chain, you're missing bites! Click Here to check it out!

18. Billy Baits Super Smoker

If you go on a charter boat to catch Mahi, Tuna, Wahoo or other big game offshore fish you will most likely see Billy Baits lures in the tackle bag. These are a charter boat favorite and proven to catch big fish. The Super Smoker lure has a Mylar skirt and a unique machined head for a very heavy smoke trail! This lure will defiantly pull fish into your spread! Click Here to check it out! Also, check out the Super Smoker II lure with a Nylon Hair Skirt!

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