5 Different Ways to Catch Mahi-mahi

5 Different Ways to Catch Mahi-mahi

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5 Different Ways to Catch Mahi-mahi 

Mahi-mahi, also known as dolphin fish or dorado, is a popular game fish that can be caught using various techniques. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced angler, below are the 5 basic techniques you can use to catch Mahi-mahi.

  1. Trolling

Trolling is a popular technique for catching mahi-mahi. You can use a variety of lures, such as skirts, feathers, or plugs, behind a boat at different speeds to attract the fish. Use bright colors that mimic baitfish, and vary the depth of your lures to find where the fish are feeding.

  1. Drifting

Drifting is another effective technique for catching mahi-mahi. You can drift with live bait or lures, using a slow and steady drift to cover more water. Make sure your bait or lure is suspended at different depths to find where the fish are feeding.

  1. Casting

Casting can be a fun and exciting way to catch mahi-mahi. You can run and gun from weed line to weedline and cast your bait out along the weedline, and chances are if there are Mahimahi feeding off baitfish from that weedline, they'll hit your lure! You can use topwater lures, such as poppers or stickbaits, to mimic baitfish on the surface. Cast near floating debris or weed lines, where the fish tend to congregate, and use a steady retrieve to attract their attention.

  1. Vertical Jigging

Vertical jigging is a technique that involves dropping a lure vertically to the bottom and retrieving it in short, quick jerks. This technique is effective for catching mahi-mahi that are feeding on small baitfish near the bottom. Or, during the middle of the summer when the sun is high in the sky and the fish hold deep under the waters surface to avoid the heat from the sun. Use a jig that mimics the color and movement of the baitfish, and vary the speed and depth of your retrieve to find where the fish are feeding.

  1. Fly Fishing

Fly fishing for mahi-mahi can be a challenging but rewarding experience. You can use a variety of flies, such as poppers, streamers, or deceivers, to imitate baitfish on the surface. Look for areas with clear water and plenty of sunshine, and use a slow and steady retrieve to entice the fish to bite.

There are various techniques you can use to catch mahi-mahi, depending on your skill level and preferences. Trolling, drifting, casting, vertical jigging, and fly fishing are some of the most effective techniques you can try. Remember to use the right gear and bait, and handle the fish with care to ensure their survival after release if the fish is undersized. 

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